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Creativity & Kep

Over the years, Kep has encouraged me to follow my curiosity in actionable ways. Like the intuitive-painting class I took in Vegas 5 years ago, where we were instructed to “Paint -- don’t think!” (much like the instruction to “Write -- don’t think!” in free-flow writing). 

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"I can't write."

When I share with people that I teach writing as a practice, I can’t tell you how many times I hear one of these 3 responses: 

  • “I can’t write.” 

  • “I’m not a writer.” 

  • “I’m not creative.” (thinking that free-flow writing is the same as creative writing).

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5 Spots Left! Summer GLOW -- a Write to Glow Retreat in Oregon!

5 spots left!

Fields of wild-flowers. A huge pond with cattails. Towering Douglass Firs. A long, windy country road for walks. Hammocks. Tire swing. Delicious, organic, nutrient-dense food. Comfy outdoor seating all over the property. Sweet sleeping spaces with super-comfy bedding. A fire pit with REAL firewood for circles under a warm summer-night sky!!

Now drop US into the mix, and it’s the perfect recipe for a restorative and memorable summer weekend.

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Openess & Free-Flow Writing

A few years ago, I attended a week-long women's retreat. It was excellent. The facilitator was excellent. The women were incredible and open-hearted.

One afternoon, toward the end of the week, we did a powerful, communal activity. For whatever reason, I felt disconnected from the other women. I didn't really feel part of things, and wasn't sure why. I felt sort of lonely, sort of awkward while everyone else looked engaged, relaxed, and happy.

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