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Obsessed with Lady Gaga/Ally

Since seeing A Star Is Born a few weeks ago, (have you seen it yet?!?) I’ve been obsessed with Lady Gaga (the actress, the voice, the talent, the grace), the character, Ally (brave, real, vulnerable, trusting), the movie (SO much to love), and the movie’s message about using your voice and expressing your message (Share it. Sing it. Write it. Make art with it. Don’t be shy and keep it to yourself).

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B-day Blog! (Self-Friendship & Free-Flow Writing)

My birthday was Sunday and Kep took Maddie, Honey, and I out to Camas, WA, for a beautiful brunch, followed by a visit to Sandy River and a search for cake after discovering our destination soft-serve drive-through joint was closed. The sun was out. The air was warm. There was Maddie’s DJing and car-sickness and laughter and collective wondering about the meaning of an early morning birthday dream… 

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