"She's meant to be seen."

I’ve just returned from my dream-group weekend in southern California. I’ve been part of this group for 7 years and it’s hard to put into words just how much this group means to me. 

There’s the dream-work piece, guided by world-renowned author and Jungian analyst, Lionel Corbett. I adore this brilliant man. With warmth and humor, attunement and gentleness, he helps us unlock the meaning and messages of our dream figures and dream images, thereby making the unconscious conscious. This soul-work never ceases to fill me with awe. 

And then there’s the group – the phenomenal 12 or so individuals that make up our sacred circle. Some of us drive in from CA towns. Others fly in from different states. The powerful sharing and witnessing that takes place in this circle takes my breath away each and every time. It’s soul-medicine. 

I’ve grown so much, and continue to grow, from this work and this group.

In fact, it’s because of this group that Write to Glow was born. Dream group is where I:

  • experience the power and safety of a skillfully-run circle,

  • learn messages my inner figures have for me,

  • wrestle mightily with my terrified inner critic who fights to keep me safe by not sharing or by projecting a shiny, polished image of myself, and

  • discover that vulnerability, owning our shadows (both light and dark), and deeply feeling the full range of our emotions, are VITAL for happiness and wholeness.

Lauren, the host and co-leader of this group, likes to say, “Once shared, your dream is my dream.” This idea feels so true. Though our dream images are highly specific to us, there are universal, archetyoal themes that emerge, such as the interplay between our wise, inner-creator and our destructive, inner-critic. 

Take Lorrie. She’s a talented painter and gardener who recently closed her therapy practice. Her dream begins with the words, “I am both an artist and a photographer.” Though her dream clearly tells her that she both creates, and captures, her art, Lorrie doesn’t fully own her positive shadow yet (thus the need for the dream). She doesn’t consider herself and artist, she rarely shares her art with others, and she often hears her inner-critic’s voice saying:

  • “You’re a fraud.” 

  • “You have nothing original to say.”

  • “Why are you even painting, anyway?”

As a print of her painting was passed around the circle, we experienced, from the privileged seat of witness, that gap between what the small self thinks and what the big Self Knows. 


It wasn’t easy for Lorrie to agree to let me share her exquisite art here. It was more like, “Ok, but do it before I change my mind.” 

She slept on it and greeted me in the morning with, “She’s meant to be seen.”

I couldn’t agree more and am SO glad Lorrie said yes to sharing this Goddess piece. 

"Beatriz" is her name, which in Latin means 'brings joy' and in other languages means 'she who brings others happiness.' 

Seeing "Beatriz" makes my heart happy.

How about you?

With love,

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"She's meant to be seen."

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