Ginnie remembers snow days…

Last week, I mentioned in an email to my mother-in-law, Ginnie, that Maddie had a snow-day on Tuesday. 

Below is what she typed back. With her permission, I share it here because her details gorgeously capture the emotions, the energy, the activities of a snow day. 

As the writer of the email, Ginnie relived precious memories. As the reader of the email, we’re thrust into our own snow-day memories and images -- and a particular, magical flavor of winter.

 Ginnie remembers snow days
I have to ask you a favor now!!  Please tell Maddie that when her Dad was her age  (actually from age 5 on)  on the days when snow fell in Arlington - somehow - her Dad always knew it was coming - long before the local weather men knew!   Kindergarten through high school, on those days when the snow MIGHT FALL, Kepper knew instinctively and he could always be found standing in the corner of the living room - while it was still dark outside - watching - watching - watching the front window that faced the main street and the window that faced the side street - waiting - waiting - waiting - for that first flake to fall!!!!!!!  And such - JOY - when it did!!!!!  You could not have bought or given him ANYTHING from any store in the universe that could or would have made him so happy as those first flakes drifting down.  He was over the top with joy as he ate a nice big breakfast, waiting now for the rest of the neighborhood to wake up, when he could begin organizing the neighborhood to meet up with sleds - for the day!  That day All of the kids in the neighborhood would be out all day long - in that "weather" - that was considered too bad for children to go outside to get to school! The radiators in our living room would be covered by noon with the first set of wet clothes - drying for a second use later in the day and the kids would be back out in their spare set while the first set dried.  They rode their sleds down the snow path in the woods at the end of the street all day long.  During breaks - Hot maple syrup got poured onto the first fall of snow - for snow candy.  Hot chocolate was the drink of the day and on GOOD snow days - I had hot cinnamon rolls coming out of the oven for them between changes from wet to dry clothes. I never knew anyone who loved snow days like Kep! 


 I have a PHENOMENAL mother-in-law.


With love,

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