Writing Together: Stacy

"The difficult thing is that vulnerability is the first thing I look for in you and the last thing I'm willing to show you. In you, it's courage and daring. In me, it's weakness."

~Brene Brown

In this ongoing Writing Together series, I invite women to share their WTG Circle experience, be it in-person, online, or at a retreat.

  • What surprises you?

  • What brings you back?

  • Are there ripple effects in other areas of your life around connection, authenticity, vulnerability, boldness…?

Really, I'm looking for whatever comes to mind around this powerful, juicy topic of writing together, shared in whatever way feels best: blog-style, free-flow writing style, a few sentences, several paragraphs -- all is welcome -- no rules. 

Here’s Stacy from WTG Vegas:

As women gather around your table, a sacred space opens for vulnerability, understanding, belly laughs, and thoughtfulness. A space for silence. A space for unfettered ideas. In Las Vegas, I was craving something with depth and culture when I found you and the invitation to reach past the glitter of our identity. Each time I leave your table, I'm grateful that I'm a woman, allowing myself to be embraced by other women, able to look into each other's eyes, share our selves through writing, and step out into the world again, lighter and expanded. 

To all the women in my Circles: WTG Vegas, WTG Portland, WTG Zoom-Room (online) -- and women who've attended a WTG Retreat, I invite you to share your Writing Together experience. Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, let it rip, and send your reflections to me at alyse.sweeney@writetoglow.com, because you never know how your words may land with someone who craves connection through communal writing but hasn't quite found the time or right fit.

With love,

Want to write?
Take a pen & prompt journey:

writing prompt

gather around a table

1). Grab a pen + notebook. Write the prompt at the top of the page. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Or 5. Or 2!

2). Keep your pen moving as you write the thoughts, feelings, and images that arise. Don’t stop to think or edit. Don’t try to stay on “topic.” Follow where the prompt takes you.

3). Accept ALL that you write -- the pretty + ugly; absurd + boring. Discover what wants to be felt, known, expressed, released...