Embodiment & Free-Flow Writing

I envy people like my sister and dad who NEED to exercise and move their body, or they feel “off.” 

I’m more like my mom. I like to sit.

More often than I care to admit, I have to drag myself away from my reading / writing / thinking / listening morning to make it on time to my 12:45 dance class. And it’s often the killer playlist, more than the chance to move my body, that gets me up from my desk.

Once I’m in the dance studio, I know the music, played loud through the speakers, will enliven me and give my mind a rest. And when I allow the music to move throughme, and actually moveme (i.e. make my body move), it’s an incredible and cherished feeling.

But I also experience this: being in dance class and not being at all embodied because my mind is miles away from what my body is doing and feeling.

So, while dancing is considered an embodied activity, like any activity, without presence and in-this-moment awareness, not a whole lot of embodiment is going on.

Conversely, while many people think of writing as a purely mental activity, it’s actually (with presence) an embodied, multi-sensory activity. Words and language have the power to open our senses, help us feel emotion, ignite the mind, and/or speak to deeper knowing. 

I love how Laure Redmond (embodiment coach, radio host, and my stunningly talented dance teacher) defines embodiment:

To be embodied is to be comfortably awake in your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical skin.

How beautifully put is that??!!

Comfortably awakein our mind, body, heart, and soul values the WHOLE of us -- and is a great guidepost for free-flow writing practice, and for life. 

Her definition mirrors the instructions I give to the 2-minute “In this moment…” writing prompt that begins every WTG Circle: to notice, without judgement, (or to be comfortably awake)with what’s alive in your body, your emotions, your mind, your inner-knowing, and/or your immediate surroundings via your senses. 

In this month’s in-person and on-line writing circles, we’ll explore how writing is a way to move into our bodies. Click the link in Circles to register.

With love,

Want to write?
Take a pen & prompt journey:

writing prompt

In this moment...

Grab a pen & notebook. Write the prompt at the top of the page. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Or 5. Or 2!

Keep your pen moving as you write the thoughts, feelings, images, and/or surroundings via your senses that are alive in the moment. Don’t stop to think or edit.

Accept ALL that you write - the pretty & ugly; absurd & boring. Discover what wants to be felt, known, expressed, released...