5 Favorite Writing Prompts to Use Again and Again (Prompts, Pt. 3)

Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift, from me to you.

It’s a gift that connects You to:

Your in-this-moment awareness
Your well of memories
Your imagination
Your clarity
Your intuition
Your mind
Your heart
Your soul
Your sensations
Your gold
Your shadow…

An invitation to know and love ALL of it and ALL of you with the aid of these powerful prompts that you can use again, and again, and again.

1.     What I really want to say is…

For gaining clarity, insight, and intuition. To get the words flowing. Also great for emptying stress and overwhelm.

2.     Any object prompt.

Great for creative self-expression – or to get out of your head and into your body and senses.

Look around you and pick any object: dirty dishes, bike, sneakers, airplane... A prompt can be anything! It’s a diving board to get you going, get you into the pool, get your juices flowing, get your inner critic distracted with something to write “about.”

Then write everything and anything that comes to mind. Follow your free associations, first thoughts, and images that arise.

You may drop deeper into the prompt. Or the prompt may lead you to something interesting and insightful that may not have come in any other way…

3.     I remember…

This is a powerful prompt to surrender to what wants to be written. Let go of the wheel and follow the memories and sensations that arise. Keep coming back to the prompt, in a list fashion, and you’ll be astonished by what bubbles up from your deep well of memory.

(Note: a memory can be from 3 minutes ago or 3 decades ago).

4.     What do I need to know at this time?

Great for insight and intuition, clarity and problem solving.

5.     In this moment…

For presence. This prompt, my current all-time favorite, is a gorgeous writing meditation. It connects you to your immediate environment, the sensations in and around you, your thoughts, feelings, and intuitive hits in the moment. It invites you to notice, notice, notice – without judgement or censoring – all that arises in the universe that is YOU.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And if you missed parts 1 + 2 in this prompt series, here they are:
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With love,

Want to write?
Take a pen & prompt journey:

writing prompt

the prompt from above that resonates now

Grab a pen & notebook. Write the prompt at the top of the page. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Or 5. Or 2!

Write whatever arises in your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Don’t stop to think or edit - keep your pen moving.

Accept ALL that you write - the pretty & ugly; absurd & boring. Discover what wants to be felt, known, expressed, released...