Writing Together: Kimi & Sherri

"The difficult thing is that vulnerability is the first thing I look for in you and the last thing I'm willing to show you. In you, it's courage and daring. In me, it's weakness."

~Brene Brown

In this ongoing Writing Together series, I invite women to share their experience of a WTG in-person or online Circle or a WTG retreat.

  • What surprises you?

  • What brings you back?

  • Are there ripple effects in other areas of your life around connection, authenticity, vulnerability, boldness…?

Really, I'm looking for whatever comes to mind around this powerful, juicy topic of writing together, shared in whatever way feels best: blog-style, free-flow writing style, a few sentences, several paragraphs -- all is welcome -- no rules. 

Here are Sherri and Kimi, both from the WTG Portland Circle, speaking to the November theme: Release & Free-Flow Writing.

I enjoy hearing the ways different people describe the same benefit of the practice, in this case, release, which I took the liberty to hi-light in bold. More on this topic in the upcoming November blogs.

Kimi: I went to a Write to Glow circle and had NO CLUE what to expect. I LOVED IT! I thought I was going to be nervous and self-conscious about sharing (which I was at first). Instead I felt supported, heard, and understood. It was refreshing to hear what the other people were thinking and writing and to realize how the similar we all are as humans. When I left, I felt like I had purged so much tension and past baggage. I was shocked at how much I got from the circle. THANK YOU, ALYSE for holding such a special space!

Sherri: Writing has never been my strong suit, well to be honest, it has been more of a stress-inducing bane for most of my school years and adult life. Non-fiction was much easier for me. Find the facts, and massage them into a format that supports or refutes my position. Fiction or emotional-based prose, NEVER! Share my drivel with others, heck NO! When inspired, my blogs and weekly practical tips fly out of my fingers because this is my game. Then I met Alyse.

She invited me to experience her Write to Glow circle (you have got to be kidding). Directionless writing or worse yet, responding to a nebulous prompt sent my knees quivering. Then comes the kicker, she believes in community sharing, translation I will have to reveal the inner workings of my brain to a dozen strangers (and one dear friend who agreed to chaperone me as I knew this was something she would totally dig).

The key element Alyse neglected to mention is that she is really offering a weight loss plan. After my initial session, my head was 10 lbs. lighter. So much garbled stuff swirled and clogged my thinking during the day, that evening she popped the cork and out poured text. No keyboards, no voice response, simply hard core pen and paper. At first worried about how I would fill her time allocations, I found myself rushing to finish after the timer dinged throughout the 2 hours. No wonder I felt lighter afterwards.

To all the women in my Circles: WTG Vegas, WTG Portland, WTG Zoom-Room (online) -- and women who've attended a WTG Retreat, I invite you to share your Writing Together experience. Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, let it rip, and send your reflections to me at alyse.sweeney@writetoglow.com, because you never know how your words may land with someone who craves connection through communal writing but hasn't quite found the time or right fit.

With love,

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