26 Years of Partnership

On Thursday, Kep and I celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.

I still have these cards, a wedding gift made for us by a dear and talented family-friend, Amy Mason. (Check out her online store at: http://www.amymasondesign.com)


While reading Sharon Black’s The Enchanted Life: Unlocking the Magic of the Everyday, I’m reminded of Amy’s whimsical design.


Though the author is speaking here of the bonds we create with the land and physical places, to me, her words also speaks to partnership (where trust and respect are foundational).

You can learn to belong anywhere… if you choose. It’s an act of creation, and like all acts of creation, it’s also an act of love, and an enormous leap of faith.

I have a friend who is separated from his wife and is in a lot of pain. He commented that my marriage looks so strong and happy.

My marriage is strong and happy. 

We laugh a lot. We do kind things for each other. We respect and support each other. We challenge each other. We genuinely like each other and enjoy spending time together.

And… like I told my friend, my marriage is also incredibly challenging and frustrating at times. If he’d only heard our crazy-loud fight 2 days earlier!! Or seen me so irate I punched Kep in the arm, hard, while he drove us to our friend’s for dinner the other night. (Not a proud moment). There have been periods in our marriage where I've felt intensely lonely. And many times (yesterday, in fact) where Kep has felt let down by me, unable to count on me for certain kinds of support and follow-through on things that matter to him.

For me, to be in partnership, is to choose that person again and again. To stay in that dance of disconnection and connection. 

Disconnection and connection. 

Disconnection and connection. 

To not feel fully seen, met, understood, supported…

…and then to feel seen, met, understood, and supported beyond my wildest dreams. 

And vice-versa.

Again and again and again.

Like the invitation in writing practice to dance with all of it -- life’s sweet and sharp notes, on this anniversary, I’m grateful for the sense of belonging I feel with Kep, and our continued desire to dance with the sweet and sharp notes that make the music of our marriage.

With love,

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