"The Only Instruction: Only Connect"

Last week was a big week. 

WTG Portland launched and I had the privilege of sharing communal writing practice with 10 excited and open-hearted women.

Some women shared that they also felt a little nervous and weren't sure what to expect from the evening.

Me too. As I prepared the space, made the truffle popcorn, and lit the candles, I wondered if the evening would run smoothly, if the women would like the practice, if they'd want to return...

I acknowledged our collective fear in the beginning by saying, "How great is this, that we get to do something scary and take a risk at the top of a New Year!" 

Each woman then shared her reasons for attending the circle:

  • a desire to try something new and out of her comfort zone
  • a curiosity about the practice
  • a craving for female energy and connection 
  • a love for, or interest in, putting pen to paper
  •  a friend's invitation...

Everyone seemed to find something about the circle that was meaningful or resonant in some way, be it the topic, the other women, the selected poem, the pen & prompt writing, the saucy, individually picked oracle card writing prompts, or just getting out for the evening to someone else's space filled with candles, friendly faces, food, and wine! 

And I'll venture to say that everyone left the circle feeling a bit more bold, bright, and connected than when they walked in because THAT'S what communal writing does to us: We get to practice the art of showing up and being seen just as we are, and witness others doing the same, which leaves us feeling GLOW-Y and lit up. 

The following morning, WTG Online began again, and the sweet intimacy of that group touched me deeply.

Different than the crackling energy of an in-person group, the online circle is like a portal where, at the click of a button, we are connected to one another in a virtual room, each from the privacy of our cozy space somewhere around the globe: Portland, Las Vegas, Cape Cod, Germany.

When we write, we can still hear the pens scratching across the page, which is music to my ears.

When we share, though different than being in the same room, we are in some ways even closer. 

Here's an email from Amy that landed in my in-box as I wrote this blog. Amy, who lives on Cape Cod, introduced me to Iris, her creativity coach, who lives in Germany. Amy had no idea that Iris was joining the circle Thursday and squealed when she logged in and saw Iris on the screen. It was an awesome moment with a lasting ripple effect that I'm sharing with Amy's permission:

Alyse! Iris!
What an incredible surprise yesterday. I still cannot believe it. When I was telling David about it later, I burst into tears.
It filled my heart and made me so happy. I am still smiling from ear-to-ear today. Alyse, it felt so good to start writing with you again. And, Iris, it was just so special to be there with you!
Hugs & love to you both, my sweet friends.
Enjoy the weekend-
xo Amy

All I can say, is we live in incredible times. 

The topic of the circles last week was goallessness in free-flow writing  -- and in life -- and these lines serendipitously jumped out at me from my files just moment after Thursday's circle ended:

Here is the only instruction:
Only connect.
Wherever you are, right now,
pay attention.
~Sylvia Boorstein

Only connect. 

What free-flow writing is all about -- connecting to ourself and to the present moment by writing, without censoring or judging, what we truly think, feel, and sense, in the moment. 

And what communal free-flow writing is all about. All of the above, PLUS connecting to others in a rich and enlivening way. 

Connect, connect, connect!

Only connect.

With love,

Want to write?
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Write whatever arises in your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Don’t stop to think or edit - keep your pen moving.

Accept ALL that you write - the pretty & ugly; absurd & boring. Discover what wants to be felt, known, expressed, released...