Heart Broken and Scattered

My heart is heavy with sorrow over the unspeakable tragedy in Las Vegas, my home of 16 years -- now my part-time home.

I'm stunned by Sunday's massacre -- and the long list of tragedies, pain, and suffering our world is experiencing at this time. I'm in a fog. I'm heart-sick. I feel weak and scattered.

I didn't write first thing this morning, and instead reach for my phone to connect online to the incredible Vegas community and the world. On one level, I feel connected. But I also feel scattered and outside myself. 

I begin writing. In this moment... I let my sorrow, anger, feelings of paralysis, feelings of weakness spill on the page, messy and clunky and like a child. 

There are tears and immense grief for the victims and their families. There's awe and admiration for those offering tireless support and healing. I feel devastated and inspired, all at once. 

As I take a few minutes to empty, I begin to gather myself back to myself -- piece by piece, it feels. I feel more centered and self-possessed. I write names of loved ones in Vegas I'll call in a bit. I want to hear their voices. I feel motivated to get to my dance class to connect with the strength that lives in my body. 

Wishing us all connection and healing in these difficult times. 

With love, 

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