What Simple Details of Your Life Wait to Be Noticed? 

Have you seen the movie, 'Boyhood?' 

It’s one of my favorites and I love it for the qualities Patricia Arquette describes in her Golden Globe Best Actress acceptance speech. She thanked her "visionary" director "for allowing me to be part of something so human, so simple and groundbreaking and significant in the history of cinema."

'Boyhood' is groundbreaking because it follows the actors as they grow in real time. But I also think it’s groundbreaking because it captures hundreds of small, authentic moments in life.

In a New York Magazine interview (2/9/15), Ellar Coltrane, the actor who plays Mason from age 7 to 19 says, "This film is such a simple thing -- it's not really about anything spectacular. But it also is, you know? The simplicity of life is spectacular."

The simplicity of life is spectacular!

Free-flow writing helps us see this truth. When we write and accept what we truly think, feel, see, desire, and imagine, we tap into something so human and so simple. 

Free-flow writing is a simple practice that’s not necessarily easy. We make it harder by thinking we need to:
•    sound good, 
•    look good, and
•    be good in our notebooks.

My favorite and never-failing prompt is ‘In this moment…’
This power prompt helps me:
•    slow down and notice
•    capture a moment simply and honestly
•    acknowledge the pain, joy, or is-ness of the moment 

Here's a snippet from yesterday's ‘In this moment’ writing:

Sitting in the car.
Its volleyball pick-up day.
Noticing the scaly, cinnamon bark that covers
smooth, cream colored skin
of the tree
that stands outside my window,
swaying in the
stiff breeze.

What a cool surprise that the words came out like a poem!
What spectacularly simple details of your life are waiting to be noticed?
With love,

Want to write?
Take a pen & prompt journey:

writing prompt

In this moment...

Grab a pen & notebook. Write the prompt at the top of the page.
Set a timer for 10 minutes. Or 5. Or 2!

Write whatever arises in your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
Don’t stop to think or edit - keep your pen moving.

Accept ALL that you write - the pretty & ugly; absurd & boring.
Discover what wants to be felt, known, expressed, released...