Take a Mindfulness Challenge

Here are 2 things I notice -- and love -- about "taking dictation" to the prompt, 'In this moment...':

  1. When I tune into a present moment that seems ordinary and mundane, I discover it to be more alive and compelling than I imagine. I believe it's because the moment is real, concrete, and textured, which wakes up my senses. It's my life here and now.
  2. When I tune into a present moment that seems intense or painful, I discover it to be safer and more pleasant to experience than I imagine. Leaning into the intensity paradoxically releases the pressure and brings calm. It's also freeing to vent, judgement-free, and let my emotions have their say. 

Here's a challenge for you: See what you notice when you set your timer for 2 minutes and write during a "mundane" moment. Do the same for a more intense or charged moment. Do you feel more energy writing about your ordinary moment, and more relaxed writing about your charged moment? 

An ordinary and intense moment from Monday, 4/3/17:

In this moment, 7:48 a.m. 
I'm back in my weekday routine. Back on this couch, this particular corner, where my coffee, books, papers, computer sit within reach on the desk. Beginning the day here. Here. I am here. Maddie just left -- wearing her cute new fatigue pants she got in Florida. Carly lays next to me, watching out the window, ears perked, and I glance up to see what she sees -- the Doberman and his owner walking by. I hear clicks and clacks from the construction next door -- and a humming coming from the dryer. I hate when I forget to move wet clothes into the dryer overnight. I've been away from this spot for 9 days and it feels good to be home.

[I felt a little buzz of energy after writing this, as if my body appreciated me taking the time to acknowledge how good it felt to be back in "my spot."]

In this moment, 3:14 p.m. 
I feel fatigued, overwhelmed. I want to take a nap. More and more and more to do. More to know. More and more and more. Feeling behind in B-School regardless of "there is no behind in B-School." Tired. Didn't sleep well last night. Maybe I won't wait till tonight to watch Little, Big Lies -- give myself a treat. Take Carly for a walk. Get to the bank to close the account. Cross it off the list. Deep breath -- belly filling with air. Better. Sore throat -- allergies? Tightness in my stomach -- breath deep and long. Yes, will walk to the bank, get outside, clear my head. Self-sabotage -- like in my dream -- not making time for breaks, for pleasure, for embodiment. Mind, mind, mind. Take a break, darling girl.

I definitely needed that dose of self-compassion -- and that walk, which I took, and discovered that Wells Fargo allows dogs inside, so Carly got lots of attention and a dog bone (Portland!), I closed the account, and my body, mind, and soul felt entirely different when I re-entered my apartment.

Let me know what you discover with this exercise.

With love,

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In this moment... (2 minutes)

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Write whatever arises in your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
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Accept ALL that you write - the pretty & ugly; absurd & boring.
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