Have You Tried the Shower Ritual to Release Negative Energy?

What an honor to have Bhuddist monk Bhante Saranapala join our Write to Glow Circle!! 

Sitting at the head of the dining room table in his orange robes and bright smile, he shared stories, insights, and neurobiology studies on the power of mindfulness practices.

"It works!" he exclaimed gleefully throughout the evening, stressing that we hold the power to shift our attention and set intentions that allow the mind to calm down and the body to relax. 

Though I know this to be true, I also know how stubborn the mind -- my mind -- can be. 

Easier said than done to make that shift away from negativity in a way that sticks. 

These past weeks, I've experienced a particularly stubborn and stuck mind. It's felt as though my inner critic has hi-jacked and flooded my mind with self-doubt, and I've struggled to shake it. 

And then Bhante described in detail a mindfulness practice around showering, which I recognized as my shower ritual. 

Here are the 3 simple steps he described:

  1. Feel the hot water run down your hair and skin. 
  2. Take in the fragrance of the soap and shampoo. 
  3. As you wash your skin and hair, imagine the negative thoughts/feelings/beliefs slide down the drain along with the soapy water (my addition: to be recycled by Mother Earth.) 

I do this ritual when I can't seem to stop the negative thoughts / feelings / beliefs from recycling over and over in my mind.

Here's what I love about RITUAL, which can be defined as the use of the body or some kind of action to connect to the Divine (within and around us) and experience a change:

  • ritual is a surrendering; an offering; a seeking of assistance beyond yourself
  • ritual involves the body and action, bringing to mind an African proverb: “As you pray, move your feet.”
  • ritual is an interplay between we humans and the mysterious

Like Bhante, I can say of this shower ritual, "It works!" 

Have you experienced this yourself? 

Here’s how it works for me: 

  • I feel I'm not alone in carrying my burden. I hand it over and enlist the help of soap, water, and Mother Earth. 
  • I may tell myself dozens of times to "let it go," but sometimes, it takes an action alongside an intention to shake negativity loose or move me toward a higher perspective. (And if I'm not near a shower, I've visualized the steps. My mind, not knowing the difference, follows the lead of my imagination.) 
  • I feel lighter afterwards -- cleansed in body and mind. 
  • In a few short minutes, I feel more connected to myself.

In her gorgeous book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert shares essays on the mysterious nature of inspiration that comes to our aid when we set out to create art, or even embark on the art of creative living. Because, she says, "creative living is where Big Magic will always abide."

Ritual is embedded in creative living and takes us deeper into Big Magic, aliveness, and the mystery of our lives. 

Here’s to free-flow writing rituals, shower rituals, and all sorts of rituals that help us connect with our deeper, peaceful Selves.

With love,

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