5 Summer Moments

Grab a pen and notebook. 

Got them?

Now pause. Notice or recall 5 summer moments that got your attention these past days or months -- or are getting your attention in this moment.

My 5 Moments:

  1. playing cards in Field's Park with Maddie, the evening sun warm on the right side of my body
  2. the music, conversation, and open windows at happy hour with Amy and Debi
  3. hundreds of fireflies hovering close to the ground over leaves and pine needles in Raleigh, NC
  4. a peach and yogurt dish at 900 Wall Street in Bend
  5. soaking in hot springs -- looking at the late afternoon sky through the treetops, and the short, sweet-smelling walk to the springs through the forest 

Notice how you re-live each sense memory. Taste the moments of your life. Glow with aliveness. 

Happy summer and sweet summer moments.

With love,

Want to write?
Take a pen & prompt journey:

writing prompt

Choose a summer moment from your list and write for 10 minutes.

Grab a pen & notebook. Write the prompt at the top of the page.
Set a timer for 10 minutes. Or 5. Or 2!

Write whatever arises in your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
Don’t stop to think or edit - keep your pen moving.

Accept ALL that you write - the pretty & ugly; absurd & boring.
Discover what wants to be felt, known, expressed, released...