Writing Together: Thoughts From Barbara

I’m back from a weekend in Vegas where I facilitated a WTG Vegas circle. A woman joined us for the first time. A new person is an invitation for the rest of us to remember our resistance the first time we read our uncensored, unedited words to the group.

Brene Brown explains this resistance well:

"The difficult thing is that vulnerability is the first thing I look for in you and the last thing I'm willing to show you. In you, it's courage and daring. In me, it's weakness."

A new person in circle is also an opportunity to let her know it’s safe and she’s not alone in her discomfort. We’ve all been in her shoes. And we’re all practicing radical acceptance as we get real on the page, write what’s true for us, and allow ourselves to be seen and known more deeply. That’s the practice. Though it gets easier, it’s not always easy. But it’s sooooo worth it.

Something new I want to bring into this space is more voices from the WTG Community.

So, I invited women to share their ‘whys’ for participating in a circle and details about the experience in this monthly-ish Writing Together series. What were/are the scary parts? Surprising part? Nourishing parts? What are the ripple effects in other areas of life around connection, authenticity, boldness…? What brings you back?

Really, I'm looking for whatever comes to mind around this powerful, juicy topic of writing together, shared in whatever way feels best: blog-style, free-flow writing style, a few sentences, several paragraphs -- all is welcome -- no rules. 

Here's Barbara from WTG Vegas:

Want to be a guest writer? This question/invitation came as an open email from Alyse today.

Surely, this message was sent in error, as writing is not a place where I feel an inkling of gift or talent.

However, after pondering the topic for a bit, I concluded… it’s precisely for this reason that I’m called to write. I'm discovering through free-flow writing fertile ground. An “untapped” part of me that's been dormant and underutilized.

Now as a somewhat enthusiastic novice in “writing together,” I’ve experienced a sense that what I write and share in our session not only benefits me, but somehow touches others as well. The inner peace and personal growth I experience in writing informs my inner-critic that it’s never too late to engage in those things that nurture one’s soul. Writing is powerful and can be transformative as, with pen in hand, I put my thoughts, images, hopes, and dreams on paper. In the practice of free-flow writing, I’m learning not to set expectations for desired outcomes. Instead my goal is toward openness to where the spirit leads; trusting the excellent facilitation of Alyse and the writing guidelines we follow.

I feel deep gratitude being in the presence of such amazing women; sharing precious moments that vary in complexity from the simplest to the most challenging of inspirations. 

At age 71, I’m discovering first hand, there’s always more!  

Thanks, Alyse and the WTG Vegas community.

Want to share your Writing Together experience? The more voices, the merrier. And you never know how your words may land with someone who craves connection through communal writing but hasn't quite found the time or right fit. To all the women in my WTG Vegas, WTG Portland, WTG Private, and WTG Online Circles, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, let it rip, and send it to me at alyse.sweeney@writetoglow.com.

Want to read about my first communal writing experience about 6 years ago? Click here.

With love,

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