A Word and a Mantra For 2018

Here we are! The last day of 2017!

:: What desires and longings are swirling within you?

:: What are the feelings and states of being you want to explore or deepen in the months ahead?

:: Where in your life, and with whom, are you craving to be more YOU in 2018?

Here's where I am...

My word for 2018, how I want to feel, is:


Because I have a tendency to take my life for granted, and even focus on what's missing -- in my relationships, my health, my work... Because the achiever in me was super active in 2017 (which was great!), but I also tangoed with my achiever's shadow side: lack of presence, and I crave the soft, potent energy of noticing and appreciation. Because Meister Eckhart's words are an instant balm when I lose perspective, feel afraid, or forget the wonder of being alive: If the only prayer you say in your entire life is thank you, that will be enough.

So simple. And yet, for me, so simple to overlook and rush past.

Thank you clean water. Thank you hot shower. Thank you eucalyptus body wash that tickles my nose. Thank you, C, for your beautiful email. Thank you, H, for poking around when we last spoke to excavate deeper truths. Thank you, K, for your courageous heart -- and for fixing the leaking kitchen faucet! Thank you Red Rock Canyon and big sky. Thank you black turtle-neck sweater that embraces me on blustery days. Thank you, writing practice, my dear, delicious friend. Thank you books. Thank you body!! Thank you geese flying in formation past my window just now, your loud, startling honks filling my ears and my heart with joy.

My mantra is: 

Breathe and Be

Because when I read these words on Friday, (Breathe and Be is the title of a children's book of mindfulness poems by Kate Coombs), my body said, "This!! Yes, yes, YES! Put this in your pocket." And she's the boss!

I'm wishing you a bright New Year, dear reader, and many, many moments of feeling wonder, aliveness, and your unique glow.

And a big, deep thank you for sharing your time with me in this weekly space.

With love,

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