Winter In & Around Us

What I'll remember most about Saturday's WTG Vegas Circle, the last circle of 2017, will be the warmth and loud laughter from the 11 women (including my mom visiting from Boston!) gathered around the dining-room table. 

Candles flickered as the sunny Vegas day grew dark and we dropped into the topic of winter. We wrote to prompts that connected us to long-ago winter memories and our current relationship to the season. And the cards we individually pulled from the foul-mouthed and provocative Rebel Deck both cracked us up and filled us with awe at the clarity and wisdom they pulled from each woman. We relished in connecting, laughing, reflecting, being -- together. 

I shared from Gayle Boss’s gorgeous book and On Being article, 'All Creation Waits' to introduce the topic of Winter In & Around Us.

Her insight into our ancestor's celebratory mood in late fall over the harvest AND their primal fear of the season's dark and cold got my attention. What if the sun doesn’t return to the darkening sky?

“Our bodies still ask that question. In December, the dark and cold deepen, and our rational minds dismiss it as nothing. We know that on December 21, the winter solstice, the sun will begin its return to our sky. But our animal bodies react with dis-ease.”

Ahhhh -- our animal bodies still ask that question! 

So we feel anxious. Heavy. Gloomy. Even guilty, because we’re supposed to feel “merry” this time of year.

But I love how Gayle Boss shows us through vignettes of 24 animals not just “how a healthy soul responds to encroaching darkness,” but that there’s more than one response.

For the painted turtle, buried in mud at the bottom of the pond: 

"She waits. …every stressed particle of her stays focused on the silver bead of utter quietude. It’s this radical simplicity that will save her.”

For the muskrat:

“Retreating to his dark rooms to rest and breathe – sometimes alone, often with others – this is how he survives the months of cold that can stop his plucky, industrious heart.”

In the winter days ahead, I like the idea of embracing turtle's radical simplicity with muskrat's strategy of togetherness!

May we each trust our unique rhythms to adapt to the darkness and is-ness of the season and patiently wait for more light and warmth.

With love,

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