In this moment...

Late Sunday afternoon, I sat on Maddie’s bed as she cleaned her room. We both felt tender. Kep and Connor had just left for the airport, heading back to Vegas. Connor had his Portland life packed up and was eager to step into his next soccer adventure.

But Maddie was in a different place entirely.

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A Heavy Week

Last week was heavy.

There was parenting stuff (questionable study habits and the discovery of copious Netflix watching); technology stuff (reading more about the effects on our brain, focus, and attention… and OMG, what is happening to our kids and THEIR still developing brains!!??); marital stuff (long-distance living can create...

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"The Only Instruction: Only Connect"

Last week was a big week. 

WTG Portland launched and I had the privilege of sharing communal writing practice with 10 excited and open-hearted women.

Some women shared that they also felt a little nervous and weren't sure what to expect from the evening.

Me too. As I prepared the space, made the truffle popcorn, and lit the candles, I wondered if the evening would run smoothly, if the women would like the practice, if they'd want to return...

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