Absolutely! Think of free-flow writing less as writing and more as paying attention and noticing -- and accepting what you notice. Simple, though not always easy. That’s why it’s a practice! And we’re all right alongside you, doing this mindfulness / spiritual / creative practice.

Free-flow writing is a powerful tool to discover what you really want to say, as only you can say it. It helps you tap into your unique voice and find energy in your words.

Hello, fellow introvert! Fear about sharing is 100% normal -- even for extraverts. But women report that the boldness they experience when they share extends to other aspects of their life (i.e. starting a blog, asking for a raise, having a difficult conversation, or more real and vulnerable in your relationships.) Still, sharing is always optional.

In Write to Glow, we’re unafraid of joy AND pain. Light AND dark. Pretty AND messy. Humor, laughter, depthfulness, tears.... ALL is welcome.

You do not need to register for consecutive circles! Pre-paid circle packages can be used over the course of a one year period. I will also be adding additional Circle session times throughout the year.

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